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Nigerian Dwarf Sales List

To hold your kid you want, until weaning and shipping time, you will need half down as a deposit.
Once a deposit is received, it is Non Refundable if you do not go through with the sale for any reason. 
All of Nigerians come with AGS/ADGA applications or papers, and can be triple registered with NDGA
Discounts on Multiple purchases.  (On Breeding Stock, take $25 off each additional kid after one is purchased)

Just Want Pets?  We have castrated Males (Wethers)  $100 Each 
We don't picture wethers, we don't ship them, they cost more to ship then they are worth, Pick up only.

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 Shipping by air with American is only $230 each kennel,
to most states, two babies can go in each kennel.
Kennels are $55 each, health certificate varies.

If you are purchasing a goat, I will assume that you have read my
 Health Guarantee at the bottom of the sales page.

Does Due in January:
BlueBell to Wizard
Cassia to Jackson
Chocolate to Wizard
Rita to Wizard
Chantilly to Wizard
Playday to Jackson
Gillia to Bonafide
OvertheMoon to Wizard
Periwinkle to Bonafide
Peanut to Jazzy
Nibbles to Jazzy
Deja Blue to Picasso
BeterthanDiamonds to Wizard
Citrine to Wizard
Moonpie to Wizard
Sandia to Bonafide
Yellow Gold to Bonafide
Pipsewea to Jazzy
Ace of Diamonds to Wizard
Journey to Pinnacle
Corn Maiden to Leopard
OnceinaBlueMoon to Picasso
Beach Bunny to Jazzy
Atlantis to Pinnacle
Promise the Moon to Picasso
Liza Jane to Leopard
Liani to Jazzy
Dew Drop to Pinnacle
Stella Bella to Jazzy
Lily to Bonafide
Bravo to Leopard
Confetti to Suds

Yearling Doe
Zlateh's Kinder Poppy
DOB: 6-22-15 $350

  GrSire: Irish Whisper Harry Potter +B *S
Sire: Flat Rock's Sokka

GrDam: Flat Rocks Holy Smoke

   GrSire: Kaco Yellow Rose Moon Rocket
Dam: Prairie Wood Lilian 
    GrDam: 2N Ranch Milk Maiden


What is entailed and how much is it?
We use different airlines and try to get the cheapest, fastest flight to a major airport near you.
Could be Delta, American or others.
You would pick up your goats the same day at the time specified.
They are shipped in dog kennels. Goats Travel very well and we have never had a goat get lost or die and we
have shipped from Alaska to Hawaii and almost everywhere in between.
The most common cost is around $230 on American
 for the flight, paid up front before I take them to the airport.
This would be for a 300 size kennel,  two babies can fly together for the same shipping cost as one.
These would be just weaned kids, not older animals.  Older animals would be shipped seperate.
All goats need a health certificate to fly, this has a base cost of $55, more for any tests that your state 
might require.   The kennels are $55 for a 300 and larger are more.
Buyers are required to pay in full for the goats, kennel, and vet before we will ship.
We do not charge for gas to and from the airport or to the vet.
Let us know where you live, sometimes we know of someone traveling and can find rides cheaper than airfare.

What will my new babies have had as far as health care?
The dams of kids are vaccinated 30 days prior to kidding with CDT, that is for clostridium and Tetnus.   
At two weeks old they are dehorned, & givin a CDT . 
At 6 weeks old they get another CDT shot, and are wormed & tattooed.
They have been fed alfalfa/grass hay free choice and some medicated goat starter pellets.

We do not "Pre Treat" for coccidiosis, but do reccomend that the new owners
treat for it if it becomes a problem.  All goats carry this, and stress can bring it about.
It is common for shipped kids get "shipping Fever" after arriving in their new home, due to stress, etc,
Always watch your new arrivals for runny noses & eyes, & loose stools.

Health Guarantee as Follows:
We sell animals that are healthy at the time of transfer. A purchaser has the right to a full Veterinary
examination at his/her expense on any animals to be purchased before they leave here.
Our Vet charges $55 for a health certificate, which if you are flying them, is required.
We will not feel any responsibility for the health of an animal purchased from us beyond 24 hours from the
time it leaves the farm unless we are presented with a
Vetís official statement that the animal in question had a condition prior to transfer.
The risk of loss transfers to new owners once the animal leaves our farm.
We guarantee our goats are free of CAE, CL and Johnes, but you must test for this 
within one week of them arriving at your place. 

Please Ask Permission to use my photos,
you are usually welcome as long as you give credit to our ranch.

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