Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Some of our Herd Sires

MCH/GCH Prairie Wood Pinnacle Blues +S +B E

  • Chamoisee Pinto Blue Eyed
  • Master Champion in both AGS and ADGA
  • RS National CH Buck for AGS in 2017 at the age of 12
  • GRS: Twin Creeks BW Riptide +*S
  • Sire: Flat Rocks Prairie Hawk
  • GRD: Flat Rocks Lady Hawk
  • GRS: Velvet Acres Chittys Scandal
  • GRD: MK Pallu RB
  • Reference Buck

His dam Ginger’s Udder – Pic at the age of 8

MCH/CH Prairie Wood XP Blue Legacy *S *B

  • Chamoisee Pinto Blue Eyed
  • DOB: 12-5-2012
  • GRSire: Flat Rocks Prairie Hawk
  • Sire: MCH/CH Prairie Wood Pinnacle Blues +S +B E
  • Dam: MCH MK Ginger VAS VG
  • GrSire: Dill’s LD 5 Card Stud
  • Dam: MI Sugar Creek 5C Xaria 3*M 3*D
  • GRD: Sugar Creek TS Vivacious 2*M 2*D

Xaria Udder

Prairie Wood Party Legend

  • Cou Blanc, Moonspots, Blue Eyed
  • DOB: 2-22-17
  • Grand Champion
  • Reserve Grand Champion as a yearling
  • GRSire: Old Mountain Farm Blue Aki
  • Sire: CH Cabin Creed Sir Dayne
  • Dam: Kid Dreamin Farms Demi Tasse
  • GrSire: CH Flat Rocks Bravada
  • Dam: Prairie Wood Vanila Party
  • GRD: 2xs Grch Prairie Wood Prada Party

Granddam Demi Tasse Udder

Granddam Prada Party Udder

Prairie Wood Cha Cha Ching *S *B

  • Black and White Roan with Blue Eyed
  • DOB: 2-14-16
  • 2xs Senior Grand Champion
  • RS Grand Champion
  • GRSire: Flat Rocks Prairie Hawk
  • Sire: MCH/CH Prairie Wood Pinnacle Blues +S +B E
  • Dam: MCH MK Ginger VAS VG
  • GrSire: SG NC PromisedLand SS Hot Stuff *S +*B
  • Dam: Prairie Wood Hot Polly Poppers 1*M *D
  • AGS Top 10 One Day Test Doe for Production
  • GRD: Kannah Creek RM Evita

Hot Polly Poppers, his Dam

Prairie Wood Maddox *S

  • Brown and White Swiss Marked, Blue Eyes
  • DOB: 12-29-17
  • GRSire: Rosasharn RL Cauldron ++B
  • Sire: SG Elite NC Promisedland RC Bonafide ++*B *S
  • Dam: SGCH NC Promisedland Beau-Nita 2*M
  • GrSire: GCH/MCH Prairie Wood Pinnacle Blues +B +S E
  • Dam: Prairie Wood Sandia Sunset *D (2xs Grand Champion)
  • GRD: Prairie Wood Choc O Latte

Sandia Sunset’s Udder, his Dam

Prairie Wood Blue Steel

  • Silver, Blue Eyes
  • DOB: 5-5-2020
  • GRSire: Dreahook SA Gallium
  • Sire: Story Tails GA Lord Rhoop
  • Dam: Story Tails Cair Paravel
  • GrSire: CH Prairie Wood Picasso *B
  • Dam: Jrgrch Prairie Wood BeterthanRubys
  • GRD: Prairie Wood BeterthanDiamonds

BeterthanRubys Udder, his Dam

Prairie Wood DCD Valentino

  • Black and White, Moonspots
  • DOB: 2-14-2020
  • GRSire: J-Nels Little John Nelson
  • Sire: CH Pixie Hollow Wizard of Oz
  • Dam: Jefferson Farm New Moon
  • GrSire: GCH/MCH Prairie Wood Picasso +B +S E
  • Dam: CH/MCH Prairie Wood Doe C Doe
  • GRD: 2xs GRCH Phantasma ZC Sage 1*M

CH Prairie Wood Doe C Does Udder, his Dam

Prairie Wood Pietra MarbleAzul

  • Gray Roan, & White, Moonspotted, Blue Eyes
  • DOB: 9-14-2020
  • GRSire: Little Tots Estate Patron *B
  • Sire: CH/MCH Prairie Wood Picasso *B
  • Dam: MI Sugarcreek WM Yellow Gold 2*M
  • GrSire: Seldom Herd Bachelor Buttons
  • Dam: Gypsy Mountain Ranch Cloe
  • GRD: CH Seldom Herd Ariel

Wildflower Ridge BlueMoonJazzd

  • Blue Roan Swiss Marked, Polled, Moonspotted, Blue Eyes
  • DOB: 3-10-2020
  • GRSire: GCH Proctor Hill Farm KA Kingspear +B
  • Sire: 2xs Grand CH Sunset Plains KS Pumpkin Pie
  • Dam: Sunset Plains DM Poppy Patch
  • GrSire: Prairie Wood Party Legend
  • Dam: Prairie Wood Disco Party
  • GRD: Prairie Wood Iam All Jazzed Up

CH/MCH Prairie Wood Picasso *B

  • Chamoisee, Heavy Moonspots, Blue Eyes
  • DOB: 6-5-2014
  • Finished Champion with ADGA and AGS
  • GrSire: Buffalo Clover Sugar Daddy
  • GrSire: CH/MCH/PGCH Buffalo Clover Valentino +B 6 x Best of Breed 2 x Best In Show
  • GrDam: Five Alarm Sophia Loren
  • Sire: Little Tots Estate Patron *B
  • GrSire: MCH Bruch Creek Talisman
  • GrDam: JRCH Little Tots Estate Primula 1*M
  • GrDam: Little Tots Estate Alocasia
  • GrSire: Sugar Creek Wager on Me *S
  • Dam: Sugar Creek WM Yellow Gold 5*D 2*M
  • GrDam: Critter Croft Jewel Delight 4*D 1*M

Yellow Gold’s Udder

DesertNanny TC Love Gun

  • Blue Roan & White, Blue Eyes
  • DOB: 3-9-2020
  • GRSire: DesertNanny LD Vernal Equinox *B
  • Sire: DesertNanny VE Tio Carmine *B
  • Dam: SGCH DesertNanny BR Tia Alexandria 3*M
  • GrSire: DesertNanny UMA Astro Boy +*B
  • Dam: SGCH DesertNanny AB Besame Mucho 4*M
  • GRD: GCH DesertNanny BR Tia Maria 3*M

DesertNanny GE Space Jam

  • Black & White, Blue Eyes
  • DOB: 3-31-19
  • GRSire: Stayawhile KJ Finale
  • Sire: Stayawhile FIN Galaxy’s Edge *B
  • Dam: SG Hidden Gems GK Aulani 3*M
  • GrSire: DesertNanny BR BlueBerryBuckle *B
  • Dam: DesertNanny BBB Blackberry Jam
  • GRD: GCH DesertNanny IM Wood Nymh 2*M

DesertNanny VE Double Trubble *B

  • Chamoisee & White, Blue Eyes
  • DOB: 5-9-19
  • GRSire: DesertNanny BBB Luck Dragon *B
  • Sire: DesertNanny LD Vernal Equinox *B
  • Dam: GCH DesertNanny BF Sunsprite 3*M
  • GrSire: Dr Farms HD Barney Rubble ++B
  • Dam: GCH DesertNanny BR Tia Maria 3*M
  • GRD: SGCH DesertNanny Icy Blue Skyy 2*M

Woodbridge Farm Count Jackson

  • Chamoisee with Blue Eyes
  • DOB: 10-01-14
  • GRSire: CU At Lil Red Barn Fizzel
  • Sire: CU At Lil Red Barn Count Chocula
  • GRDam: GCH Jaspers Haren JB Coco Puff 2*M
  • GRSire: CH Wood Bridge Farm Apache Wind
  • Dam: CH Wood Bridge Farm Teachers Pet
  • GRDam: CH Wood Bridge Farm Abbreella

His Dam Teachers Pet – Pic from Woodbridge