Nigerian Dwarf Goats Farm

Healthy, Colorful, Functional Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Our philosophy on Nigerians are raising colorful, functional dwarfs. We don’t believe that a dwarf has to be of a certain height, color or produce a certain amount of milk to be considered perfect.We have never had a case of CAE in our herd and we believe in dam raising all of our kids, believing mother’s milk is the best for the kids. We try and test all our dams for CAE and Johnes before they kid.

We know that color sells and we have it! The reason we started raising Nigerians was the people who came to buy our pygmies always wanted the pygmy with the white foot or belly band. We find that it is like Christmas at kidding time, never knowing what the kids will look like. And having blue eyes and moonspots is a whole other fever altogether. One great thing about Nigerians is that they have no kidding problems. They have from 1 to 4 kids with twins and triplets being the most common.  We are very active in the show ring and you can see our show wins on our show ring page.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Our dwarfs come from many bloodlines from many different herds.

All of our Nigerians are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) & American Goat Society (AGS), but can also be triple registered with the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association (NDGA)

We have a large selection of colors in our Nigerians:

Color patterns include: Buckskin, Pinto, Holstein, Spots, Solid, Chamoisee & Swiss marked, and Moon Spots.
Colors include: Cream, Chocolate, Black, White, Gold, Red, Gray and Brown.