Nigerian Dwarf Goats

What is entailed? How much is shipping?

  • We are not having much luck shipping by air right now, but ground transports are doing fine and we can help you get that arranged.
  • We use different airlines and try to get the cheapest, fastest flight to a major airport near you. Could be Delta, American or others. You would pick up your goats on the day and time specified.
  • RIGHT NOW BECAUSE OF COVID: only American is flying goats and they are around $500 for one kennel with two goats.
  • They are shipped in dog kennels. Goats Travel very well and we have never had a goat get lost or die and we have shipped from Alaska to Hawaii and almost everywhere in between.
    • The most common cost is around $500 on American for the flight, paid up front before I take them to the airport.
    • This would be for a 300 size kennel, two babies can fly together for the same shipping cost as one.
    • The kennels are $55 for a 300, larger are more.
    • These would be just weaned kids, not older animals. Older animals would be shipped seperate.
  • All goats need a health certificate to fly, this has a base cost of $55, more for any tests that your state might require.
  • Buyers are required to pay in full for the goats, kennel, and vet before we will ship.
  • Buyers are responsible for arrangement of shipping, though once a deposit is received, we can help with this, and we can make all air reservations, but if by ground, the buyers are responsible.
  • We do not charge for gas to and from the airport or to the vet.
  • Let us know where you live, sometimes we know of someone traveling and can find rides cheaper than airfare.